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About Us

With over 25 years of experience in the field of glass and glassware and recently emerging into the Canadian market, our  business is divided into 3 segments:

  • We have the exclusive distribution of various European glassware companies for promotional purposes.

  • In addition, we offer the service of glassware and other vitric, plastic and metal surfaces decoration. 

  • Finally Kristalov. Our own brand, which was been developed from the hand of experts on  crystal, oenologists, sommeliers and restaurateurs.




Our own brand. Kristalov was designed by glassware experts, recognized oenologists, sommeliers, and restaurateurs, providing, as a result, a line with a unique design and superb features to enjoy the aromas and flavors in a unique way was obtained.





Bohemia Royal crystal

Designed in the region of Bohemia in the Czech Republic, where the finest crystal is made. Royal Bohemia Crystal is one of the most important manufacturers worldwide, known for its high-quality products, world-class design and a combination of tradition and modernism that has managed to transcend generations. We have its exclusive distribution for North and Central America as well as the Caribbean.


We offer decoration services  in vitric, plastic, metal and other surfaces. Our specialty is branding in all kinds of table glassware (glasses, wine decanters, bottles for spirits and wines, cups, ice buckets, jars etc).

Our services are tailored to our clients requests, always looking for the best price -quality offer according to each customer needs. Our decoration techniques include the following:

Screen Printing          Sandblasting       14k Gold Decorative          Glass Nugget